Thunderstorm Asthma

With hay fever season currently upon us, a caution for thunderstorm asthma must also be actioned. A rise in thunderstorms throughout grass pollen season can trigger a lethal reaction to those with hay fever or asthma.


A unique combination of high pollen count throughout the Spring season and a certain type of storm can create Thunderstorm Asthma. According to Better Health, as a storm matures, it sweeps up whole pollen grains from its surroundings. When these whole pollen grains are in the air, they burst open into tiny particles which are then concentrated in the wind gusts that you feel right before a thunderstorm. These particles are tiny enough to reach deep into the lungs when inhaled which can trigger asthma symptoms and attacks. If an emergency like this occurs, please see us for assistance as we operate after hours!
Last year’s epidemic was tragic and the state was ill-prepared resulting in a few casualties. Avoid it this season by being aware of the dangers caused by thunderstorm asthma and what procedures you can take to prevent or treat any symptoms before they become emergencies. Contact any of the doctors at Burwood Health Clinic now to take the necessary actions and protect yourself this season.
People with hayfever and asthma are most at risk and those with both need to be even more cautious. However, seeing as thunderstorms can cover large areas, thunderstorm asthma can affect people in metropolitan, regional or rural areas even if they do not have a history.
If you are unsure whether yourself or someone you know could be at risk, do not hesitate to contact us at Burwood Health Clinic for further information. We operate after hours until 11 pm on weekdays and 8 pm on weekends to assist you as best we can.