Thunderstorm Asthma


With hay fever season currently upon us, a caution for thunderstorm asthma must also be actioned. A rise in thunderstorms throughout grass pollen season can trigger a lethal reaction to those with hay fever or asthma. How? A unique combination of high pollen count throughout the Spring season and a certain type [...]

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In order to keep you, your family, the community and our staff & Doctors as safe as possible during this uncertain time, we are requesting that you book a TELEPHONE or TELEHEALTH consultation with your doctor. Following this initial consult, your doctor will advise you on whether you need a face-to-face visit to the practice. You can be reassured that we are putting great measures in place to ensure you are as safe as possible when visiting our practice.

We will review this on a week to week basis and this information may change in the future without notice. Thank you so much for your cooperation and understanding.